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What is a pitch? Can you explain the structure and goals of your business in 30 seconds? Having such constraints, you don’t think immediately of unimportant details, and communicate the inner meaning.

The same happens when a drummer is given a constrain of playing a solo only on a smaller tom, and a kick. Immediately, there is a central groove (idea), which is wrapped with details afterwards.

Hence, the structure of a perfectly pitched business fits :)

The meeting is going to be terrific. With blackjack, Erlang/OTP, and Elixir.

How to pitch Erlang in a few sentences:

There used to be a set of problems 20 years ago: programming fault-tolarant, non-fragile software is damn hard. Hence, guys from Erlang were intrigued, and solved it in their language.

Sounds interesting, right? (Especially after 20 years of programming in C++)

The meeting is going to be terrific. With plans, programmming and coffee. Just like in the passing light of day.

Plans for today:

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