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Can we take rules from perfume art and mixing music, and apply them in programming to create products more efficiently?

4+ rule in perfume art

Mixing a new perfume can be done with a 4+ rule:

4+ rule in music

Music can be mixed in the same manner:

Obviously, there are more factors to a good music mix, such as:

But at least this gives you a great start: to get some basic experience and work going.

4+ rule: generalized

But, you can see that the main idea of 4+ is common in these areas of art. This is the same in movie making, food, books, web design, etc. - every form of art, where user has to span his (rather limited) atttention across some object, or a system of objects.

Can we use 4+ rule to programmming?

Of course! You can make MVP (from lean startup) in this manner:

This resonates with lessons, learned from Lean Startup methodology, which tell how to make startups happen in a more scientific and cheaper manner. After all science is nothing but an exocortex of making fit models from arbitary hypotheses.

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