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Why I use vim and we use English?

English has a nice characteristic: 26 letters, and words made by composing these letters.

Chinese, on the other hand, has over 3000 characters, and each has a specific meaning.

By analogy:

Vim has a countable amount of editing modes, motions, and actions on them, being composed into text operations.

Emacs has a lot of commands, and each makes a specific text operation.

So, vim is English, and Emacs is Chinese. Which would you choose to learn first? :D

A creation vs Product

The main distinction between arbitary creation and a product is that product is of value to someone.

So, it is completely useless to make a creation which is of no value to anyone, as Lean Startup Methodology states.

What is business value?

Short answer: profit.

Profit is what makes a business, business. Current and future profit.

So, when you make a minimal, well-used product, you can start monetizing it. How to make it in a most efficient way? Here’s an example.


Note: I’m not trying to state that one is superior to the other:

I’m saying that one has a simpler and more effective model of editing text / speaking. These are objective criteria.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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