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Lean Startup methodology

The main startup cycle

graph LR; A(Ideas)-. Iterate, build .-> B(Code); B-. Measure feedback, get .->C(Data); C-. Learn from feedback, generate .->A;

It has to be as short as possible.

The main startup goal

The main goal of a startup in Lean Startup methodology is to create the following cycle:

All the startup processes must be directed towards getting users’ feedback as fast as possible.

The main question

For an entrepreneur, the main question is: is the company moving towards a successful business?

In the first few years, the most important questions should be:

Business >= Product + Clients

Starting capital

The Lean Startup methodology allows the company to grow, even if it doesn’t have any starting capital at all.


Productivity is not creating more and more new widgets or options.

It is making actions in business and product development, which help to create value and company growth.

In another words, a right turn moves us closer to creating a flourishing business.


A turn is not just an opportunity to change.

It is a special system of structured changes, with a goal of asserting a new fundamental hypothesis product, business model, or growth mechanism.

This is the key to understanding the Lean Startup methodology.

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